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What Our Client Say

We are a global management firm, offering IT consulting and business technology services at various commercial domains. The services offered by us are unique and hence we recommend you to go through the terms and conditions mentioned by us, before using any of our services. We have clearly mentioned all the necessary details which should be followed by any of our clients and customers, before using any of our products and services. It clearly mentions the process, you need to follow and what are the activities that should be avoided. Under this criterion, we have also mentioned about the course of action, we may take as a company, in case we may take any unusual activities on our website. We would strictly believe that you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned by us if you use any of our products and services. We keep the right to change the terms and conditions, at any point in time.

Basic Terms and Conditions

All the services offered by us can be utilized by us once the payment has been made and the confirmation of the payment has been issued. It may take some time to confirm the details regarding the payment. In case of a discrepancy, we reserve the right to cancel your services and in that case, a refund will be processed at the original mode of payment. In all such situations, the company reserves the right to withdraw the service provided or apply a surcharge, depending on the situation. We will offer our services on the basis of instructions given by our clients and in case you do not find our service suitable, we will not be liable for any reimbursement. It will be necessary for our clients to provide all the necessary documents regarding the procedure and services may get delayed in case of a missing document or we find any of the documents unfair. We have mentioned the standard prices for all our products and services and the company reserves the right to change the quotation, which is subject to market fluctuations.

Illegal Activities

  • There are a few activities that are declared illegal by us and we are bound to take strict legal action if we find you involved in these activities. Read these instructions carefully:
  • We do not allow you to make any unfair use of the information provided on our website or use it for any commercial reasons.
  • The content provided on our website stands proprietary to us and should not be used anywhere else.
  • You should access any refrained information on our website by the use of any unfair means, such as a manual or machine process or any automated system.

In case of any Discrepancy

We make best efforts to provide you quality services and the satisfaction of our customers comes to the topmost in our priority list. However, if you are not satisfied with any of our services, you may get in touch with us in order to quickly rectify your issue. In case of an unusual situation, and we are not able to resolve your issue under the given time frame; you may go for meditation and seek support from our counselors. Under this section, we have our own section of rules and regulations and all our clients and customers are either refunded back the paid amount or awarded with compensation for the damage. To make it more clear, Mediation will be conducted through the American Arbitration Association, which has its own set of rules, including the AAA Consumer Rules. This agreement and can only be conducted on an individual basis and not as a delegate action.


A customer may come across third party links on our website and there might be several products and services associated with these products. We do not promote or endorse these products and services and they are just for referential purposes. We do not promote the company policies of third party websites.

Taxes and Fees

The price paid by you in purchasing any of our products and services includes the government-imposed fees and taxes and any other surcharges. The tax rate on your purchase is the effective rates at the time of your purchase and in case of any increase in the tax rates; it would the responsibility of a traveler to have a check on that regard. The fee and taxes of a serviced can change anytime.

General Instruction

We, as an organization, work under these terms and conditions which are governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, and Federal Mediation Law. The laws of the state do apply for the residents of the U.S, to the billing address located in the US and its territory. In case, you do not agree to the terms and conditions given by us, you may stop using our website.

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