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What Our Client Say

Data privacy is among the most important factors in the proper functioning of an organization and we at Hiresigma, take important measures to keep the data of our clients, safe and secure. We have a specialized set of rules and regulations that needs to get followed, in order to keep our data safe and secure and altogether we call them the ‘Data Protection Act.’ Under this act, we maintain a database which includes all the confidential data and makes our sincere efforts to keep the data safe and secure. We mention here a detailed report of the terms and conditions and expect all our clients and customers to go through them. When a client or customer shares his information with us, it’s important to know what data we collect and how we collect that data. It is also important to know that what we do with the collected information and how we keep your data protected. A customer also has some rights, when he/she shares data with us and that information can be known through the privacy policies. Hence, we recommend all our customers to go through the privacy policy once, before using our services. The customers, who do not agree with the terms and conditions, should avoid using our website and services offered by us. To all the third party products and services, which are attached to our website, the privacy policies mentioned by us are not applicable. The advisors and sponsors by any third party links are distinct and we recommend you to go through the privacy policies of those third parties before you purchase any of their products.

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