Engineering Staffing

We, Hiresigma, are global technology solutions in the field of IT personnel management. We provide end-to-end technological resolution when it comes to redefining and rethinking of an already existing business or new entrepreneurship. Staffing management plays a pivotal role in the field of any business. And, when IT-related businesses focus on delivering world-class products and solutions to their clients, the selection and appointment of staff become a very important factor in that business. What we bring in this process to make your business become stronger is quality, with which we make no compromise. Hiresigma provides its services and solutions to several clients located across the globe.


Our Approach

The way Hiresigma hires engineers is based on our dedication to quality, our ability to work quickly, and our knowledge of the specific needs of the engineering industry. We know how important it is to have engineers with a lot of experience and skills to drive growth, innovation, and development in many fields. We want to connect your company with top-notch engineering talent that meets your needs and goes above and beyond them, whether they work in technology, industry, or infrastructure.


Engineering Staffing Positions

  • Private/Mortgage Bankers
  • CFO/VP/Director Finance
  • Accountants/Controller/Finance Operations
  • Audit & Tax Professionals
  • Credit Analyst/Manager
  • Hedge Funds/Mutual Funds Managers